IMG-20150526-WA0003Over joy caterers is doing catering & catering related services from last 17 years . over joy caterers, the name itself suggests that purity is everything. Purity in food , purity in services , purity in quality , purity in our integrity towards our customers. These have been the very pillars that provided the pedestal for Over joy caterers success in the corporate world.

Over joy Corporate Caterers have the spacial arrangement for corporate catering- Hyginic and less oily & less spicy food , hi – class crockery , elegant display , Good captains & waiters & spl. Bartenders for serve you better , Rental of everything including linens, tables & chairs, china, and flatware is also available to add that special touch to your event.

Over joy caterers staff are available to answer your questions and start working with you. So sit back, relax and enjoy your event and begin planning your next corporate event, birthday party, corporate luncheon, or casual at-home gathering of family and friends.